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Norton Rose Fulbright is one of the largest law firms in the world with circa $2bn annual revenue and has been voted Global Law Firm of the Year in 2018.

The firm has offices in 33 countries covering a multitude of languages and culture. Their proposition is the same throughout… Experience, Expertise, and Knowledge.


I was assigned to the project in Lightmaker after the initial kick-off round of UX discovery, which was conducted by a senior research colleague at Lightmaker.

Despite best efforts, the initial round of research did not meet expectations, so my role at that point was to get the project back on track and to retain client loyalty. The client went on to stay with Lightmaker for nearly 5 years.

From 2011 to 2015 I acted as Lead UX/UI Designer and the primary point of contact for UX/UI expertise with Norton Rose Fulbright, managing stakeholder interviews and presenting to key personnel. It was a blessing to work with many talented and educated individuals internationally; particularly alongside senior level stakeholders at NRF operating across the globe.

Lightmaker are probably the best agency we have ever worked with across the globe. The number of positive comments about you guys that I have had globally has been very reassuring.

–Global Head of Technology, Norton Rose Fulbright


Digital web presence

We were charged with a complete revamp and transformation of the website, taking into account multiple site templates for an extensive amount of content. In total, following an initial UX research and wireframe stage, we delivered about 10 internal template designs and the landing page.

NRF are thought leaders in a number of key sectors, so the website needs to be a clear conveyor for news items and media.

In all there are unique sites for each country (33), so the design also needed to be flexible enough to take this into consideration.

When we designed the site in early 2012 a decision was made to use a specific mobile ( redirect, so the site was designed as a static solution. At this point responsive technology was still in relative infancy, but this has proven to be less of a problem as mobile access is a more specific, streamlined requirement, particularly operating with the legal space. As such, the site has served its purpose.

6 years later, the original design still remains live and updated globally multiple times per day, which is a clear testament to the original design and implementation.

Selection of wireframes for 2012 digital transformation

2012 Global Site Redesign

2012 Global Site Redesign (Full)

We also created a “phonebook” for global staff members, including profiles, experience and education, with the ability to save contact details and vCards. This needed to be easily searchable and of course visually appealing.

Knowledge section

Once the dust had settled after the intensive implementation of the critical site pages, we embarked on another key upgrade to the ecosystem.

Knowledge is a main proposition for legal firms, it is of course what they thrive upon. As part of the ongoing strategy of thought leadership, NRF has conducted a very progressive and well-maintained media outlet. This often contains video blogs, written articles and general commentary on worthy news items.

As a result, our brief was to rework the knowledge section of the website, to attract new interest and better serve existing legal experts and clients.

We conducted a card sort to restructure the information architecture, user personas and extensive wireframing of content layout.

I proposed that we utilised a “container model” that had recently been championed by Oliver Reichenstein with his work at The Guardian. This meant segmenting information into clear “block” groups, something that news sites had struggled to do at the time, with a desire to replicate the chaotic columns of their print.

In 2014 this was considered a very progressive move in media circles, interestingly in 2018, it is utilised almost exclusively in modern news layouts.

Africa region microsite

As a series of improvements to the NRF digital ecosystem, a number of external blogs were designed to form a wider circle of knowledge and expertise within the legal space and beyond.

As part of the ongoing thought leadership, particularly in emerging sectors such as energy, the digital team needed to be able to roll out new blog platforms quickly and easily.

In response to this brief, we devised a white label blog platform that could be adapted for any of these needs.

The first release was for the Africa team, so we devised a number of cover landing pages, team profiles and article templates.

This was successfully rolled out in late 2015.

Africa Microsite Landing Page (2015)

Blog / Article Page

F1 McLaren microsite

To celebrate the recent sponsorship of the Mclaren F1 team by Norton Rose Fulbright, I designed a more conceptual creative piece to showcase interesting information as a marketing tool for the team.

The design showcased interviews, F1 facts, and imagery as a one-page microsite.

F1 Microsite Sponsorship Landing Page

F1 Microsite Full Page



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