Andrew Brough, Product Experience Director

Speaking About

  I’m Andrew. 👋 Product Experience Director… Thinker, Problem Solver, Shaper, Scaler, Team Builder, Mentor, Manager, Planner, Do’er 🚀

I provide Web3 experience direction for IOTA Foundation, with entities such as Trademark East Africa, European Commission (EBSI), VolksBank, Dentons and Climate Check (carbon measurement backed by Dell & Google).

✌️  Other amazing Bands I’ve worked with: Nokia, Disney, RBS, Coutts, Oxford University, Chelsea FC, NHS 111, Fairtrade, World Travel & Tourism Council, Fly Dubai, Corinthia Hotels and Wargaming: World of Tanks.


I deliver UX consulting, digital strategy, mentoring, empowerment, team-building, user-centred design, prototyping, content strategy, agile practices, and beyond.

I’ve ideated, workshopped, designed, and delivered everything from mobile apps to award winning software products, capturing Webby Awards and Aiga recognition.

Reach me through LinkedIn or Twitter

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